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Postal address

Culture For All Service
Tallberginkatu 1 / 48
FIN-00180 Helsinki

Street address

The Cable Factory, Tallberginkatu 1, inner court, staircase D, 5th floor (our door is in the staircase lobby).

Culture for All Service has also a mailing list. The list is meant for all those with an interest in accessibility issues. The languages used include Nordic languages and English. Instructions to join the list are under this link.


Rita Paqvalén

Executive Director

Rita Paqvalén
Mobile +358 (0)40 674 3528

- Project management and development
- Diversity, especially issues regarding gender and sexual minorities

Ahmed Al-Nawas

Diversity Advisor

Ahmed Al-Nawas
Mobile +358 (0)40 419 6588

- Cultural diversity
- Diversity trainings

Mira Haataja Project Coordinator

Mira Haataja
mira.haataja (a) cultureforall.fi
Mobile +358402136339

- Culture Pass Project

Outi Korhonen Project Coordinator

Outi Korhonen

Mobile +358 (0)40 594 6596

- Project Multilingualism and diversity as a resource in the cultural field – employment and integration through literature in the Nordic Countries

Aura Linnapuomi

Project Leader

Aura Linnapuomi
aura.linnapuomi (a) cultureforall.fi
Mobile +358 (0)40 931 0576

- Culture Pass Pilot Project

Marjo RasinkangasCleaner / Office assistant

Marjo Rasinkangas

Outi Salonlahti

Planner / Accessibility Advisor

Outi Salonlahti
outi.salonlahti (a) cultureforall.fi
Mobile + 358 (0)40 963 9908

- Accessibility (duties of Accessibility Advisor 9/2014-12/2017)
- Accessible communication
- Email list and website

Sari Salovaara and assistant dog Lenni Senior Specialist

Sari Salovaara
sari.salovaara (a) cultureforall.fi
Mobile +358 (0) 40 931 3958

- Accessibility
- Surveys

The Cable Factory
Culture for All Service is located in the Cable Factory in Ruoholahti, Helsinki.

A wall of the building. On the left a door to the elevator and on the right a door to the staircase. A big letter D above the door.
You can enter our office from the inner court, through staircase D. On the left you can see the accessible elevator, which brings you right next to our office's door at 5th floor. On the right there is the door to the staircase, which also leads you to a smaller elevator.

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Discrimination-free zone

Our office is discrimination-free zone.